We are…

(IT) Su di noi
(ES) Sobre nosotras

What to say?

We met in Florence in an international master on “Tropical Biodiversity and Ecosystems”, and we connected at first glance. Lovers of travels, bicycles, walking and nature. We are now studying in Malaysia for our second semester, and in the ocean waves we decided to share our daily discoveries.

With this blog we want to give something of us to our (faraway!) families and our (anywhere!) friends, to pollute you with our joy and adventures through our eyes and thoughts.

Street art Terengganu, Malaysia 2016

Martina: 100% Italian, proud of her roots and identity, loyal lover of the forest, dreamer and traveler for heritage. Good listener, always ready to sing and play.

Columba: with all the energy of Mexico City, she brings since always her happy madness and curiosity around the world. Reflexive and adventure spirit, she loves to catch the landscapes and moments.