Asian food

Malaysia is a multicultural country and this is clear by the variety of food that it offers.

In Kuala Lumpur we had the opportunity to discover places with very good Indian and Chinese food. In a normal meal, anyway, we fill our stomachs with malay food, characterized by the fact that just everything is fried! The basic food is nasi (rice) or mee (noodles) with telur, sayur (eggs and vegetables), and obviously different types of meet. Another typical and very appreciated thing is the roti, which has the important quality of being the perfect meal at any time of the day!


Tropical drinks

Here we present some options we have in Malaysia when we are thirsty!

What we really would like to drink when the day is sunny and humid is something refreshing!   If you want to drink these beverages often and keep your normal levels of blood sugar, remember these magic words everywhere you ask them:”KOSONG” that means zero sugar or “siki-siki” that means just a little. 

Fruit juices