We are two young citizens of the world, a biologist and an agronomist in love with the natural and cultural diversity that our Planet offers to us. Currently we are in Malaysia, and we decided to create a blog that aims to go “from our soul to the Earth”. Here we talk a little bit about the wonderful experiences we are living thanks to our studies and to the dreams that step by step we are achieving.
We decided to do a “trilingual” blog. We’ll write mainly in English, despide it’s not our mother tongue. For our posts and our stories, English, Italian and Spanish versions will be available.

Inside the blog you can find our posts, titled From our Soul, where we tell you about our adventures. Together with them, in the same section, you can find Soundtracks, that is the songs and melodies that enlight our journeys, and Links, the webpages of projects that we like and we want to spread for what they mean to us.
If you are curious to see how our world looks like, you are invited to click on Blinks, our pictures! We also have a section “from the Earth, where you find scientific photos that we took. In the same section you can read our Immortal stories, where we talk about characters and stories from exotic cultures that cought our attention. You will also find information (in the page Surviving) about some of the things that are feeding us in this part of the world! Well, there’s something to suit all tastes! We hope that all this will get you closer to us!

Last sunset of 2015 in Naples, Italy

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