Identification: Matang Mangrove Forest


As part of our work, we are interested in the identification of species that are present in a particular area. The aim of identification is to make a description of the natural environment.
Identification was one of the activities that we did in our field course in Matang Mangrove Reserve Forest, in the west coast of peninsular Malaysia. Here the mangrove forest has been used for charcol and poles production for more than one hundred years. It is a successful case of forest management and it is considered one of the best mangrove management systems worldwide.

When the research purposes require taking samples of the species that were found for indentification, the samples need to present special features. For the flora, fruits and flowers are characteristic for each species. In case of fauna, the criteria of identification are very wide and they depend on the taxonomic group, but normally the complete individual is needed.

For the plants samples, one of the final destination could be an  Herbarium (a collection of dried plant specimens usually mounted and systematically arranged for reference).

For the animals, after the identification they can be released to their habitat or taken to a collection.


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